6.50 application center (15.3.99)

6.50.1 Michelle Gauthier

Announcing Waterloo Maple’s NEW Application Center! This collection of Maple worksheets and sample solutions profiles how Maple V has been used around the world and across many disciplines. Visit http://www.maplesoft.com/application_center.html to see this dynamic collection of solutions to real world problems.

6.50.2 Scott Rabuka (28.6.99)

Check out the Waterloo Maple Inc. website at http://www.maplesoft.com and explore the Application Center with its application oriented Maple V content.

Visitors to the Application Center,


have numbered over 16,000 in just three months!

If you have a Maple V application you would like to share, send your proposal to applications@maplesoft.com. Share your achievements with the Maple world.