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Collection of PDE animations

Nasser M. Abbasi

August 27, 2017 compiled on — Sunday August 27, 2017 at 12:46 PM
1 Summary table
 1.1 Using Mathematica to obtain the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for heat PDE in 1D
2 Homogeneous Heat PDE in 1D
 2.1 Boundary conditions both Dirichlet and Homogeneous
 2.2 Boundary conditions both Dirichlet, one homogeneous other end nonHomogeneous
 2.3 Boundary conditions both Neumann and homogeneous
 2.4 Boundary conditions one end Neumann, the other nonHomogeneous Dirichlet
 2.5 Boundary conditions at both ends homogeneous Neumann (insulated)
 2.6 Boundary conditions at one end non-homogeneous Neumannm other end homogeneous Dirichlet
3 Nonhomogeneous heat PDE in 1D
 3.1 Nonhomogeneous PDE and Nonhomogeneous boundary conditions
4 Homogeneous Wave PDE in 1D (plugged string)
 4.1 Boundary conditions both homogeneous. One end Neumann, other end Dirichlet
 4.2 Boundary conditions both homogeneous. One end Neumann, other Dirichlet. Damping present.
5 Homogeneous Wave PDE in 1D, semi-infinite domain
 5.1 Neumann boundary conditions at x = 0
 5.2 Dirichlet boundary conditions at x = 0
6 FitzHugh-Nagumo in 2D
 6.1 Example 1
 6.2 Example 2
7 Homogeneous Wave PDE in 2D
 7.1 Rectangular membrane
 7.2 circular membrane
8 Solitons wave animation (non-linear wave pde)