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Solving partial differential equations in Maple and Mathematica

Nasser M. Abbasi

April 18, 2019   Compiled on April 18, 2019 at 5:43am

These reports give the result of running collection of partial differential equations in Mathematica and Maple.

  1. Mathematica 12 and Maple 2019
  2. Mathematica 11.3 and Maple 2018.2.1

Summary of results

Mathematica 12 performed much better than Mathematica 11.3 both in number of problems solved and in the speed it solved them.

Percentage solved Time to solve all problems

Mathematica 11.3 53.86% 42.7 (hours)

Mathematica 12 65.76% 8.32 (hours)

Maple 2019 also improved over Maple 2018.2 in particular in the speed of completing the tests.

Percentage solved Time to solve all problems

Maple 2018.2 88.1% 4.15 (hours)

Maple 2019 88.67% 3.23 (hours)