2.5 Sam Blake’s IntegrateAlgebraic function Test

IntegrateAlgebraic test problems

Finished August 26, 2021.

This test Uses IntegrateAlgebraic test suite provided thanks to Sam Blake.

Number of integrals [3,154]. With grading for all CAS systems except for Mupad.

Nine CAS systems were tested : Rubi 4.16.1, Mathematica 12.3.1, Maple 2021.1, Maxima 5.44, Fricas 1.3.7, Sympy 1.8 under Python 3.7.9, Giac/XCAS 1.7 and Mupad/Matlab 2021a and Sagemath 9.3 and IntegrateAlgebraic under Mathematica 12.3.1 on windows 10.

Maxima, Fricas and Giac were used from within Sagemath 9.3 interface.