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ECE 3311 Software engineering 1, Northeastern Univ. Boston, Massachusetts

Nasser M. Abbasi

Fall 1993   Compiled on November 16, 2018 at 11:49am  [public]

Part of MSEE courses.

Graduate. Grade A-

University Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.


Dr. David R. Kaeli, Electrical Eng. Dept, Northeastern Univ.

Course description

Object oriented design concepts, methodology of OO, C++ project

Text book


HW, project notes

  1. HW1
  2. Review Of Paper On Cost Estimation in Software HW 3. 11/14/1993 HTML
  3. BANKDB software system project related documents C++ Version. ECE 3311 December 7, 1993 HTML
  4. Review Of Paper ”Mainaining Object-Oriented Software” by Norman Wilde, Paul Matthews and Ross Huitt published in IEEE software, January 1992, pp75-80. 11/14/1993 HTML

HW, Project listings

  1. First project listing C++ first_p.c.txt
  2. Second project listing C++ Transaction DataBase bankdb.c.txt