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General report

How to solve Basic Engineering and Mathematics Problems

using Mathematica, Matlab and Maple

Nasser M. Abbasi

April 20, 2022   Compiled on April 20, 2022 at 2:33am  [public]

This is a collection of how to examples showing the use of Mathematica and Matlab to solve basic engineering and mathematics problems. Few examples are also in Maple, Ada, and Fortran.

This was started as a cheat sheet few years ago, and I continue to update it all the time.

Few of the Matlab examples require the use of toolboxs such as signal processing toolbox and the control systems toolbox (these come free as part of the student version). Most examples require only the basic system installation.

1 Control systems, Linear systems, transfer functions, state space related problems
2 Linear algebra, Linear solvers, common operations on vectors and matrices
3 signal processing, Image processing, graphics, random numbers
4 Differential, PDE solving, integration, numerical and analytical solving of equations
5 plotting how to, ellipse, 3D
6 Some symbolic operations