My Final report and power point presentation for the HYPR project

Mathematics 597, summer 2008, CSUF by Nasser M. Abbasi, May 5, 2012
These are my HYPR project final summary report. We were asked to limit these to 4 pages for the report and 4 slides for the power point. Please find the report and power point slides below

This is the 4th draft version (August 3,2008)

  1. PDF
  2. HTML
  3. power point slides PPT PDF
    The power points are also here as a set of images one two three four

change history

  1. first draft
  2. 4th draft, 8/3/08
    Small changes to the first page only of the report (rewrite to make it clearer). More changes to power points: Incorporate Dr Pineda latest review. Moved last slide to 3rd place, added Clip test results, add screen shot of HYPR simulator