automatic simplification, to switch off (6.4.99)

Eno Tonisson

Maple’s automatic simplification is usually very useful. It seems to be comfortable that like terms in a sum or product are collected or greatest common divisors are removed or etc.

But ...

Is it possible to ”switch off” the automatic simplification?

After entering

Maple gives

eq1 := 9 x - 20 = 0

Is it possible to get eq1 := 4*x+5*(x-4)=0?

Helmut Kahovec(9.4.99)

Well, not directly. But look at the following trick:

``() is the null string function as used by Maple when printing the result of ifactor():

expand() simply returns the arguments of the null string function:

Robert Israel (9.4.99)

What you can do is use the very useful
verb—“— function (that’s a name with no letters!). Enter the equation as

Before solving the equation or doing anything else that would require breaking up the (x-4), you should use ”expand”: