animation, side by side, maple 6 (27.6.01)

Bernd Rossa

A couple years ago, when we were using release 5.1 I wrote a few side by side animations like the following:

And then the same again, with slightly changed content.

This code worked fine with release 5.1, and in release 6.1 I get the error message:

Plotting error, object options take the form CLASS(VALUE)

Can anyone figure aut what’s going on, and how to get around the new problem?

Note: It is importent that each frame is actually a display of several plots. Otherwise a straight


works fine (in both releases).

I am desparate for help, since I have used Maple to construct little ”videos” of what’s in my head for my students, and it has worked well.

Robert Israel (28.6.01)

This bug seems to be fixed in Maple 7.

A workaround seems to be to substitute ALIGNLEFT for DEFAULT before the final display. Thus:

> display(subs(DEFAULT=ALIGNLEFT,array([A,B])));