3-d plot of a tetrahedron (6.9.00)

John J. Reinmann (23.10.01)

Can anyone show me an efficient way to get a 3-D plot of the tetrahedron formed by the following four points in 3-space:

(1,4,-1), (2,0,0), (-1,-4,3), (4,5,7) ?

I would like each surface to have a different color.

Robert Israel (7.9.00)


Carl DeVore (7.9.00)

Here’s a proc to draw any tetrahedron with any four colors.

John S Robinson (8.9.00)

This works:

... but it was lucky you wanted a tetrahedron, since all triples of vertices are the faces.

I wish there were some way to plug our own co-ordinates into plotpolyhedra().

Klaus Volpert (12.9.00)

Helmut Kahovec (14.9.00)

You may use gtetrahedron() of the geom3d package: