&t operators (19.12.97)

Rafal Ablamowicz (23.10.01)

Thanks to all who have replied to my questions regarding the `&`- type operators in Maple. Your comments and suggestions have been very helpful.

In return, let me show you my code of an multilinear operator `&t` which is also left-associative. It gives the basic structure of a tensor product of orthogonal Clifford algebras. It is part of a small extension package G[raded] T[tensor] P[roduct] to my ’CLIFFORD’ package to enable computations in graded tensor products of orthogonal Clifford algebras. These algebras are Z2-graded and their graded tensor products are Z2-isomorphic to orthogonal Clifford algebras in higher dimensions. These strange types tensorprod, clipolynom, cliscalar are defined in the two packages.

If anyone is interested in these packages, please e-mail me.