Bug in geometry[ellipse] in Maple V.4 (9.2.98)

Sergei Zuyev

Here is geometry-bug.mws file consisting just of a few lines and visualizing the following bug in geometry[ellipse] procedure: ellipse is computed incorrectly if in its definition one uses floats.

Maple Release 4 Version 4.00f of 2 Dec. 1996

geometry[ellipse] bug report

Define two ellipses given by the same equation but written in integers and floats:

Now observe the result (the erroneous one is in red):

Let’s verify that it is NOT a bug of draw:

The help topic on geometry[ellipse] also contains misprints in the command syntax: ” ] ” is lost:

should definitely be

Ha Quang Le (11.2.98)

The bug is fixed in release 5: