Bug in combine in Maple V.4 (27.11.96)

Preben Alsholm

I ran into this bug today (Maple V, Release 4.00b):

The same bug appears with combine(..., radical). It also appears for other expressions of the same form:

with n, p, and q being actual integers.

Addendum to my first post.

The imaginary unit I is simply gone!

The bug is removed in Maple V Release 5. (U. Klein)

Uwe Klemt

Using the option ’conjugate’ in combine avoids at least the disappearing of the imaginary unit, but does no combining at all. I guess this is not what you really want.

Sjoerd W. Rienstra

Indeed a mystery:

in anything like:

with powers, other than (1/2), the ”I” dispappears.

However, if we add the option ”power”

the answer is again allright.