3d plots of data from files (28.2.00)

H. Mark Hubey (1.3.00)

How does one create a 3D plot in maple of points generated for a 3D surface using another programming language such as Java or C++. IOW, I want to use Maple to read a file of data for a 3D plot.

Ben Bolker (29.2.00)

readdata and listplot3d

Norbert Roth (1.3.00)

In Maple the 'plot[pointplot]' command is used to generate 3D point plots. The provided data should be a set or a list.


If your data-file look like this:

              2.7 0 1 
              1 2 1 
              2 0 1 
             -1 0 0 
              3 1.5 -2

then this creates a 3D-point plot:

Additional options (axes, title,labels, orientation, projection, view, color,...) are available.

For a surface plot have a look at this:

cosdata is a list of lists

several other options are available - see plot/plot3d

So if you provide the surface data in an appropriate format, it should be easy to generate an impressive plot.