book on maple (22.2.00)

Jose M Lasso

I need more material to learn Maple, can someone advice about what book to buy??

PS: Maple: An introduction and reference/Michael Kofler is a good book?, shoud I buy it?

Renato Portugal (23.2.00)

My preference goes for

A. Heck, Introduction to Maple (2nd ed.)

and also for

R. Nicolaides, N. Walkington, Maple a comprehensive introduction

not forgeting the ``Learning and Programming Guides''.

Bill Bauldry (23.2.00)

In my opinion, Andre Heck's "Intro to Maple" from Springer is the best choice

Ricardo Mansilla (23.2.00)

There are a lot of book. I suggest you one of my prefered:

"Nonlinear Phisics with MAPLE for Scientist and Engineers"

Helmut Kahovec (23.2.00)

I’d definitely recommend [1], [2], and [3].

[1] K.M. Heal et al., "The Maple Learning Guide" for Release 5, Springer Verlag New York 1998, ISBN 0-387-98397-X 
[2] M.B. Monagan et al., "Maple V Programming Guide" for Release 5, Springer Verlag New York 1998, ISBN 0-387-98398-8 
[3] Andre' Heck, "Introduction to Maple", 2nd Ed., Springer Verlag New York 1996, ISBN 0-387-94535-0 
[down] [up] Antonio Molina   (24.2.00)

I suggest you:

Autores: Eugenio Roanes Garcma y Eugenio Roanes Lozano 
Editorial: Rubiqos-1860, S.A. 
ISBN: 84-8041-112-0 
Fecha: Abril 1999

Have a look at:

Wilhelm Werner (24.2.00)

Koflers book indeed is a very good book! If you have left the introductory level you should also take Andre Heck’s book (Springer Verlag) into serious consideration.

Paul Eakin (25.2.00)

Carl Eberhart has a very nice and free ”maple handbook” on his home page

Paul H. Ware (3.3.00)

The book by Abell and Braselton "Maple by Example" is an excellent resource. It is certainly worth the price. If I didn’t have it, I would buy it.