bar-chart - histogram (14.1.02)


I can’t find an example or topic in ’Help’ for Maple 7 (student version) which will directly produce a common bar-chart. I conclude reluctantly that Maple does not have this functionality. Is this correct?

Robert Israel (15.1.02)

You might want to try BarChart from my Maple Advisor Database,

Dr. TANAKA, Kazuo (16.1.02)

In the following book, a procedure to produce a bar chart is described.

T.Oguni, Maple V and its actual usages (Science,Tokyo, 1997) p.137 (in Japanese)

A procedure to make bar chart

An example

Thomas Richard (16.1.02)

No, they’re just called histograms. :-) When Help / Full Text Search is fed with ”bar chart”, it finds statplots,histogram (in the middle of the hit list). Look up that help page.

Michael Faia (24.1.02)

Here’s a minimalist procedure that works, although it’s a little labor-intensive: