CSE 504 Discrete structures and Foundation of computer science, Oakland Univ. MI, January 1988

by Nasser M. Abbasi

June 24, 2013

Part of MSCS courses.

Graduate. Grade B+


Dr. Thomas G. Windeknecht

Dr. Thomas G. Windeknecht is Professor of Engineering and Computer Science at Oakland University, USA. He has released several papers and has previously published 6502 Systems Programming (Little, Brown and Co,. 1983), General Dynamical Processes (Academic Press, 1971), and Color-And-Weave (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1981), together with M. B. Windeknecht.

Course description

Set Theory foundations,Relations,Prepositional logic, boolean algebra, graphs, tree, their traversals,iteration,recursion,algorithms time and space, proof of corrections of algorithms, proof by induction, topics in finite state automata, Turing machine and halting problems.

Text book

A.Doerr, K.Levasseur. by Applied Discrete Structures for computer science, SRA 1985.



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