my credit courses at University Of Southern California USC, 1983-1984

by Nasser M. Abbasi

June 24, 2013

Courses taken for Msc in Civil Engineering.

  1. CE 462 Construction methods and Equipment, University Of Southern California

    Summer 1983.

    Current procedures in selected fields of construction, organization and planning, equipment economics, machinery.

  2. CE 501 Functions of the constructor

    Summer 1983.

    Course description Systems, processes, and constraints governing the initiation, direction, engineering, and delivery of major construction projects. professional construction management, and practice.

  3. CE 502 Construction Accounting and finance

    March 1983.

    Cost control, finance, and Engineering economy for construction operations.

  4. CE 506 Heavy Construction Estimating

    March 1983.

    Methods, work analysis, and pricing for route construction. Grading, draining, paving, haul economy, plant-materials production, pipeline and Bridge building

  5. CE 508 Mechanics of Solids

    March 1983.

    Thermal Stresses, introduction to elastic theory, yield criteria, constitutive equations for elastoplastic materials, elastoplastic stress analysis, viscoelasticity and creep.

  6. CE 512b Special Topics in Hydrology

    January 1983.

    Topics in the hydrology of floods and surface drainage.

    Textbook Engineering Hydrology, by Stanley S. Butler. 1975

  7. CE 525b Engineering Analysis

    January 1983.

    Typical Engineering problems discussed on a physical basis. setup and solution of problems by means of existing mathematical tools.

  8. CE 561 construction plan and scheduling

    September 1982.

  9. CE 599 special topics

    September 1982.

  10. CE 572 Construction labor management

    Summer 1982.

    Unionism in construction, craft tradition, objectives, regulation, motivation, labor force economics, productivity, and technical change. hiring systems, supervision of project labor operations, jurisdictional administration.