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UCI, Spring 2006.

Last updated Nov 27,2006 by Nasser Abbasi


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Class project documents. 1

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Other support material

Few pages scanned from book on FEM about pressure smoothing. Book is ‘The FEM’ by Thomas Hughes. [PDF]


Class project documents

Solve the torsion problem for rectangular cross section using FEM and compare numerical method to the known analytical solution.


  1. Nasser Abbasi (from MAE 207 spring 2006 class)
    1. Nov 27,2006.  Report on FEM solution for 2D Poisson PDE. HTML
    2. Sept 7,2006.  Report on Weighted Residual methods and FEM with examples for solving 1st and 2nd order ODE’s. Matlab and Mathematica code. [HTML]
    3. Solving u’’’’+u=1 by collocation method using Mathematica [PDF]
    4.  Short report on the FEM solution to torsion problem of a  rectanglular cross section HTML
    5. Comparing analytical solution with the FEM solution. [HTML]
    6.  A note on Gaussian Quadrature. One dimension only. 2D will be added later. HTML
    7. These are notes on building the BEM FORTRAN code for solving the 2D lap lace equation. [HTML]

  2. Roy Culver (from MAE 207 spring 2006 class)
    1) Review of FEM document by Roy Culver. Updated May 25,2006. [PDF]
    2) Fortran code for the FEM problem with needed data files.  May 25,2006. [ZIP]

  3. Paul Nylander (from MAE 207 spring 2006 class)
        New files send on Nov 27,2006. This is the ZIP send that contains all the material MAE207.ZIP
         These below are the notebooks individualy each converted to PDF
           1.  “solve Poisson equation using FEM on arbitrary unstructured meshes” [Project.nb, Project.pdf ]
           2.  Notes on Analytical solution. [Analytical_Solution.nb, Analytical_Solution.pdf]
           3.  Notes on FVM [FVM.nb , FVM.pdf]
           4, FEM notes. Triangle and quad element. [FEM.nb, FEM.pdf]

        Earlier files send by Paul:
           1. May 9,2006 [ Animation.nb ]  [ Project.pdf ] 
           2. May 16,2006. [HoneyComb.nb  ,  HoneyComb.pdf  , HTML ] 

  4. Qing Wang
    a) Matlab code for FEM solution by Qing Wang. May 24,2006. [ MATLAB source file,  HTML]

  5. Wei Gao (from MAE 207 Fall 2006 class)
    Notes on Torsion problem for cross section. Send to class mailing list on Nov 27,2006. [PDF]



  1. http://care.eng.uci.edu/index.htm  Professor Atluri CARE web site at UCI
  2. http://ocw.mit.edu/NR/rdonlyres/Aeronautics-and-Astronautics/16-20Structural-MechanicsFall2002/088DEC8D-4ACB-4E3E-9911-F3BB5EB6AF89/0/unit10.pdf   This PDF file contains solution to TORSION problem in axial beam generating POISSON PDE.
  3. http://opensees.berkeley.edu/   web site for OPENSEES FEM program
  4. http://opensees.berkeley.edu/OpenSees/manuals/usermanual/index.html   is user manual for opensees from UC Berkeley web site
  5. http://www.bem.uni-stuttgart.de/home.htm  good notes on BEM method.
  6. http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Aeronautics-and-Astronautics/16-901Spring-2005/CourseHome/index.htm   MIT open course for computational methods.
  7. http://ohio.ikp.liu.se/fe/appl.html   List of FEM books
  8. http://www.colorado.edu/engineering/CAS/courses.d/IFEM.d/Home.html  on-line course material on FEM
  9. http://www.ann.jussieu.fr/free.htm links to free numerical software