my credit courses at Liverpool University, England

by Nasser M. Abbasi

June 24, 2013
Courses taken for Bsc in Civil Engineering (Building)

This is a link to the department web page http://www.liv.ac.uk/civil/index.htm

This is my 3rd year report on soil study PDF

The following is the official courses description that I obtained from Liverpool University. PDF

The following is a copy of old A level exam I had PDF

1 List of courses

1.1 3rd year

  1. Principles of building construction II.
  2. Industrial engineering II.
  3. Advanced theory/Design of structures.
  4. Structural concrete and steel.
  5. Advanced soil mechanics.
  6. Group design project.
  7. Honors Thesis "A Soil study".

1.2 2rd year

  1. Advanced Mathematics.
  2. Numerical methods and Statistics.
  3. Principles of building construction I.
  4. Principles of building services I.
  5. Industrial Engineering I.
  6. FORTRAN programming.
  7. Theory and design of structures.
  8. Structural concrete.
  9. Soil mechanics.

1.3 1st year

  1. Theory of design of structures.
  2. Environmental science.
  3. Principles of mechanical Engineering.
  4. Construction materials.
  5. Graphics communication/Design.