Simple analysis of comp.text.tex traffic from January 1991 to December 2009

by Nasser M. Abbasi, Nov 5, 2009

I obtained this data from google's group page. I plotted the trend showing the number of posts per month over the period above. I also take the average number of posts per year and show how the average number of posts per year changed over the last 19 years. (Since I am writing this in Nov 2009, to take the yearly average, I extrapolated the last 2 months of 2009)

Conclusion: The peak was around 2001-2003 with average 2500 per month in those years. The number of posts has since been going down.  Wonder why?

The data



Find the average per year, and plot it




Graphics:average posts per year for comp.text.tex from from 1991 to 2009

Plot posts per month over the same period





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